Eureka is a dynamic celebration of a discovery.

Let's begin with the story: King Hiero II contracts the ancient Greek polymath Archimedes to detect fraud in the manufacture of a precious golden crown fit for royalty with less than regal properties.

Archimedes accepts the case & while slipping into his bath, realizes that the more his body sinks into the water, the more it is displaced...

Realizing he has hit upon a solution, the young whiz leaps out of the bath and rushes home naked crying "Eureka! Eureka!"  Or, translated: "I've found it! I've found it!" so excited he forgot to dress.

Eureka was also used during the California Gold Rush when miners struck gold and is still reflected in California’s State Seal even today.

I love these stories of discovery with the same theme of striking gold & feeling that ECHANDLERY's mission through the offering of its innovative products helps its discerning customers discover new and exciting ways to rejuvenate and pamper themselves.

In the same vein, ECHANDLERY strives to help our discerning customers discover their own EUREKA moments through their enjoyment of our innovative pampering products.


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