Spring is here, the sun is shining longer, the air is warming up, the trees and flowers are starting to bloom.  This is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning - not only for your closet, but for your internal home; your body and soul.  Here are a few tips to get you jump-started.

Pick out a quiet day/night for your initial day of detox.

In the morning hot water with lemon breaks down the previous days consumption and essentially reboots your system.  This is something you should try to do everyday, lemons, rich in vitamin C enhance your beauty, by rejuvenating skin from within, bringing a glow to your face. Another major health benefit of drinking warm lemon water is that it paves the way for losing weight faster, thus acting as a great weight loss remedy.

Eat healthy that day - best to avoid meat, as its harder to digest. Fruit for breakfast or a green fresh smoothie; salad for lunch, try adding broiled sweet potatoes that are packed with fiber and anti-oxidants like beta carotene and vitamin A. Carrot juice, also high in beta carotene, potassium and a plethora of others is great to drink because of its nutritionally dense properties. 

Carrots, eaten raw can also help remove plaque and stains from teeth if eaten after meals. Once eaten, the fiber in carrots also boosts immunity by acting as a natural digestive system brush, scrubbing away unwanted bacteria in the gut and promoting better digestion of immune-boosting nutrients that aide in warding off cancer, heart disease and lowering blood pressure.  

Drink plenty of water with cucumber &/or lemon throughout the day, if you ever feel thirsty that means you are already dehydrated.

If you don't have a dry brush, you are missing out!  They stimulate circulation, are known to help minimize cellulite, as well as rid the body of dead skin. (Making it super soft all the while naturally slowing down the aging process.) Always scrub towards your heart.  Our Dry Body Salt Exfoliant does the same thing, but is packed with Israeli Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Sea which has 86 trace minerals and nutrients, and Epsom - enough said.

Exercise.  Go for a walk, or run, or play around with life; get some fresh air and just move your body, it never hurts to break a sweat. 

Take a nice, long bath or shower, and just free your mind.  Scrub away!  Enjoy the silence or the sound of water rushing over you and bask in the notion that this is a time nobody can reach you.

Light a candle and have a quiet & light dinner.  Avoid television, and your email.  This is a day just for you.

Have hot tea, - no sugar, no milk.  

Go to bed early and catch up on your sleep.  

I promise the more you do this, the better you'll feel, think and look.

Sweet dreams, and goodnight!







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