WovenWell announces their FRIENDS & FAMILY welcome evening At TURNSTYLE NYC

A Global Profit for Good Company Supports

Indigenous Commerce and Mental Health Initiatives

NEW YORK (November 16, 2016) – In a move that demonstrates a new normal in the commitment to improving the metal health care challenges globally, WovenWell, LLC Founder Kimberly J. Widener, announces their first POP-UP shop inviting Friends & Family at an event this evening, Wednesday, November 16th from 5pm - 8pm at TURNSTYLE located at 1000 S Eighth Avenue (A Kiosk in the Columbus Circle Subway Station). Enter at 57th or 58th Street & 8th Avenue. Commuters, local residents, including friends and family of the project are invited to shop for a cause at the event and receive a 15% discount off their purchase. WovenWell is a Profit For Good Company. The goal is to support mental well being in meaningful ways, in developing countries, using local resources. WovenWell products are made in the United States from materials made in these developing nations. Each Purchase makes a difference, as 20% of the company sales will give back to addressing mental health in these countries. WovenWell is a Wholly Women Owned Company.

Why mental health? According to the WHO (World Health Organization) one in 5 people globally is affected by mental health issues. Addressing mental health is an important route to eradicate poverty and human rights issues. In countries like Ghana where stigma runs deep, people with varying degrees of mental and neurological illness needlessly become a burden on already exhausted resources. WovenWell uses local resources to give long-term psychiatric patients skills, hope and purpose while demonstrating to local communities that patients can contribute in meaningful, financially beneficial ways.

WovenWell will also begin initiatives to use local health care professionals to educate local communities on having open conversations about mental health since it can be cured or mitigated if treated early, with the right care. Local, early care is an inexpensive method minimizing more expensive treatment down the road.

Mental health initiatives need global support more than ever and Founder Kim Widener has set out to do just that by creating the WovenWell Profit For Good based Company. Kim’s social advocacy lead her to create WovenWell after a meaningful and inspiring visit from her friend Craig Carty, who is Chief Executive Officer of The Relevance Network, offering support for social and health development initiatives worldwide. “In Ghana, like many other low and middle income countries, we see numerous challenges around the provision of mental health services. One simple means by which to support beneficiaries of often-stigmatized psychiatric care in marginalized settings is to engage them in activities that provide opportunities to support themselves, and that they enjoy,” says Craig. He continues, “What Kim and WovenWell have launched in the Cape Coast region of Ghana is a perfect example of how community engagement and social investment should work: suggest opportunities, make sure that they make sense for the beneficiaries, engage with local experts to inform best practices, and return profit share to keep the initiatives going.”

The ultimate result: WovenWell undertakes mental health related projects one institution at a time, and through the sales of these retail items they have developed, will provide funding with a significant portion of the proceeds going back to their partners in hospitals and facilities to aid the recovery and acclimation of the patients back to a better day to day quality of life for the mentally challenged. Their focus and premise is to engage meaningful activity that is essential for positive action. This is not a charity; rather, WovenWell believes in sustainable progress through creative collaboration. The emphasis is working in partnership with hospitals and their patients to enable confidence, purpose, inclusion and hope. As WovenWell begins to work, the tag line All Well & Good will be self evident in what the company and its partners accomplish.

WovenWell Welcomes Other Wholly Women Owned Entrepreneur Partners to The Kiosk AT TURNSTYLE, These Companies will participate in Donating 20% of their Sales From The Pop-Up Kiosk.

- RMH Atelier (, founded by designer Rosie Howells, creates meaningful, eco-conscious jewelry & accessories to empower the light in you, sharing a passion for the well being of our planet, our communities and our individual paths.

- ECHANDLERY (, founded by perfumer Erika Austin, is a modern luxury line of artisanal fragrance and beauty products steeped in ancient traditions that heighten the art of personal care.

About WovenWell: WovenWell is a Profit for Good Company. The goal is to support mental well being in meaningful ways, in developing countries, using local resources. WovenWell products are made from materials in developing countries and will be cut, sewn and finished in the United States. Every purchase makes a difference, as 20% of the sales will give back to addressing substantial mental health needs in these countries.

About Kim Widener: Kim Widener, Founder & CEO of WovenWell, a 'profit for good' business with a heart, dedicated to launch what will be a global mental health initiative one community at a time. After years of involvement in non-profit organizations and extensive experience in the business world, Kim has taken time to reflect on many issues surrounding 'giving' and 'aid.' She is now funding the production of signature fabrics from Ghana to increase social advocacy and raise awareness for mental health issues. A world traveler and mother, Kim considers WovenWell as the natural extension of her desire to find the missing link in the areas she cares most about - to enable confidence, purpose, inclusion and hope for others. She envisions a world in which mental illness loses its stigma and is recognized as a serious global issue that has an impact on all of us economically, politically and socially, whether or not individuals and their families are directly affected.

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WovenWell has retained Bettina L. Klinger and Susan Belfer for branding, marketing, public relations services, product development, and brand introduction and growth. For media inquiries and interviews, contact Bettina L. Klinger 917-930-8654/ or Susan Belfer 732-239-1559/

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