ECHANDLERY is a modern luxury line of artisanal fragrance and beauty products steeped in ancient traditions that heighten the art of personal care.
Our curated fragrances and boudoir products are premium, natural personal luxuries and crafted self-care products.  
ECHANDLERY evokes a spirit of “Old World", sophisticated sexy.  Designed to capture glittering hedonism with attention to supreme quality in effervescent sets and swooping fragrances, replete with time honored beauty traditions.
The inspiration in our name lies in an ancient concept in modern times.  The town "chandlery" produced and housed crafted candles essential for lighting the community, home and office and to sailors heading off to explore distant lands.  Soap is a natural byproduct of candle making so was integral in the personal care, making a 'Chandler' an integral master of all things light and clean; a position of esteem in a bygone era before oils and electricity.
ECHANDLERY is a women owned business, we support sustainability, all-natural where possible, and never test on animals.

We love the way ECHANDLERY forces you to smile when saying it and hope you feel the same.