The Art of Candle Making


ECHANDLERY is passionate about creating fragrances that inspire and evoke sensorial experiences.  We are attracted to scents of places in exotic locales.  We are inspired by a regions local flora and agriculture and developing it into something truly special.  Every single fragrance we create is built from scratch and therefore unique and statement making, enveloping the wearer to feel & smell themselves at their absolute best.


ECHANDLERY candles are made of the highest quality vegetable/soy wax blend, the purity and safety of which are indisputable.

Because each fragrance contains a unique mix of natural ingredients, ECHANDLERY custom blends specific wax formulas designed to complement every candle scent.  Every ECHANDLERY candle's wax is carefully tested & poured so that your candle burns even and clean. With proper care, ECHANDLERY's candles burn for an average of 50 to 60 hours.


For your complete peace of mind, each ECHANDLERY candle is made with a cotton, lead-free wick.

Wicks vary in diameter depending on the scent and are hand glued into each glass. 

The glasses are then hand poured and before the wax has completely cooled, we inspect them one by one to ensure the wick is straight and centered. Once the candle has been completely cooled, the wicks are then trimmed to a length of 3 or 4 millimeters and the candles receive one last inspection.

At last, the candle glasses are polished and ready to be labelled and packaged with the white-gloved treatment they deserve.